142nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry

Company F


We are a Civil War Reenactment group that operates in the mid-Atlantic region. We have members from Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. We are 65 members strong. We are a family friendly group where women and children can participate in historically accurate roles. We are active from April to December participating in 1 event per month. We do not have attendance requirements. Attend as many events as you can muster and your schedule can accomodate. We are incorporated in the state of Pennsylvania as a non-profit corporation. Our mission is to actively portray a Civil War regiment and civilians of the period in quality events that allow us to educate the public and further historical preservation. We also manage to have a great time.

The original 142nd PVI Co. F was recruited out of Somerset County. Mustered in August of 1862, originally assigned to First Corps and later Fifth Corps, they were engaged in most of the major fighting with the Army of the Potomac from Fredericksburg to Appomattox. Mustered out after the Grand Review in 1865, the Veterans chose Gettysburg as the site of their regimental monument. Located on Reynolds Avenue, it is a distinctive granite cross.

Just as the orignal 142nd had volunteers from all walks of life, today's version is the same and we all have a love of history in common. We invite you to attend an event and participate with us. We have a newsletter published 4 times a year The Yankee Informer. Our schedule can be found there. Click on the link for The Yankee Informer to get the most recent version. We also have Facebook page, look under Links for access to this. Find an event you would like to attend. Contact Keith MacGregor at (717) 329-6393 to arrange loaner gear and get information on how to attend.

The 142nd PVI is on the volunteer list at Harper's Ferry National Park. We have also encamped at Antietam National Park and Gettysburg National Park. We are members of Birney's Divison, a national umbrella group that operates in the mid-Atlantic region and in Ohio. At the larger events we camp together and portray a full-size Civil War regiment. Units belonging to the brigade work together at small and large events all season.

We hold an organizing meeting in January of each year, where we elect the adminstrative officers of the unit. We also decide our schedule. Dues are $20.00 per family in the same household per year. To become a full voting member, we ask you participate in 3 events with us. No time limit on when this occurs. After the 3rd event, and upon tendering the application as your intetnion to join and 1 years dues, you will meet with the Executive Committee in an informal meeting where any issues are discussed. Upon conclusion with approval you are accepted as a full member. If you decide you don't want to join, your paid dues will be refunded. The 3 event process gives the candidate the opportunity to discover what we are about and to decide if we are a good fit for you. Our members are here to assist you and help you get started. We feel our schedule offers a good mix of events with most occuring on historic ground.